Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Nite Lite


laura 5:51 AM  

Hi Kelsi !

I'm sorry to contact you by a comment on your blog, but I don't want to regret not to have try enough to contact you !
(that was very complicated to write haha ! Excuse my english, I think he's pretty bad.)

I'm 22, from Paris. I saw you on Couch Surfing among a host of couch surfers and you looked so perfectly the personn who I looked for, that I red your profile and blog, even if you dosn't seems to be really activ on CS.
Maybe I should not explain everything here, but to summarize, I'm a film maker (animation movie, music clip, motion design...) from Paris. I'll be in NYC July 26, to August 8.
I've no idea of the place where I'm gonna stay. I come to prepare a movie, meet people, eat cheese, have fun, discover the more I can, hang out, travel, find inspirations and return to France with a lot of videos, images, ideas, from all over the USA.
If you feel a little bit curious, you can contact me, i'll telle you more about me.
You can also check out a part of my work on my website : www.lauraweaver.fr


Have a nice day !
I loved yut photos from your French trip. Lots of places lookfs really familiar. The appartement you took look exactly like mine, funny ! (like most of the "bourgeois" french buildings you may say...