Thursday, February 10, 2011

From Deutschland with Liebe

My dear friend Sarah ventured over from the Fatherland last weekend to spend some time in Paris. We did all the good things. Hummous pizza at Pink Flamingo, tiramisu cocktails at Le Kitsch, burgers at La Perle, and home made Mexican grub plus a million episodes of "Community" plus wine plus pastries chez moi.
The good times rolled. Come back soon, Polar.


Laura Peach 10:29 AM  

PLEASE, start a blog with recipes. im begging you!

Kelsi 2:09 PM  

Haha. I probably will post the recipe for the Mexican meal we made. It was heaven with spices.

steven,  3:16 PM  

recipes, plus the music you were listening to while cooking?

Kelsi 1:41 PM  

Haha, building a mental playlist. We'll see how soon it materializes!

Kelsi 1:41 PM  

Too many 'Haha's.
My bad.