Wednesday, January 26, 2011

South African Sunday

Belle, Flo & I spent a super domestic Sunday, shopping at the farmers' market, and cooking a delicious South African lunch. Still dreaming about chickpea salad*. Lately I'm finding meals cooked with friends at home more memorable than the ones we eat in restaurants.
Ok, except for that time when the wine was 8euro a bottle.

*Chickpea salad=chickpeas mint basil feta lemon juice olive oil spring onions cherry tomatoes


Steven 6:24 PM  

8euro/bottle is steep ! No ?

Kelsi 10:06 PM  

In the market, yeah, that'd be really bad.
But there were 5 of us, and a bottle in a restaurant in Paris is normally closer to 20.

Kelsi 12:07 AM  

Do you eat a lot of chickpea salad South African Steven?

Steven 9:35 AM  

I'm not into chickpea.
Things I remember eating more in SA would be, squash, corn (mealies), chutney (sauce) coke-floats, cold potato salad (all kinds of salads that go good with bbq food) and boerewors.

steven,  5:49 PM  

o kelsi, cut chemist's nat king cole became the soundtrack to a dubai stopover.

you are really amelie with a blog, you know. such a disciplined sensualist! plunging your hand into a sack of coffee beans but going to bed at a sensible hour.

big fan.

Kelsi 1:28 PM  

Thanks for the compliment!
Not sure I can honestly agree though, Amelie's much more productive than I am.
Maybe without an internet connection I'd be approaching her level. Maybe.