Monday, January 17, 2011

La Perla

Sunday I woke up feeling lonely. That happens when I have neither internet, nor plans for the day. I hadn't seen Addie in ages, so I sent her an aggressive text message, and she promptly rang me up. We spent a great afternoon, wandering without any agenda. We ate fake Mexican food at a place that was cheap and charming. For 8.90 at lunch time, La Perla will give you a starter, plate and coffee, or plate, dessert and coffee, as you like. Obviously I went for plate, dessert and coffee. It was exciting because I didn't get to choose which plate or which dessert.
I never order shrimp, so I was pleased when they brought me shrimp and some other stuff wrapped in a tortilla and drizzled in what I think they thought was Enchilada sauce.
It wasn't authentic, but it was still tasty. Even tastier was the pineapple tart dessert.
Nothing like a little tropical pie to brighten up a January day.

26, rue Francois Miron / 4eme / Metro: St Paul or Pont Marie