Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Kaly told me about this bookshop months and months ago, and last week, walking through the Marais in search of coffee, I turned a corner and ran right into it. I guess the name's a good one, because it obviously stuck in a head where few things stick.
Kaly was right, it's great. Well lit, and small enough to take everything in. Mostly French books, but a really solid supply of all the English books you've been wanting to read. A good place to go if you need to find a good book fast.

36 Rue du Temple / 3eme / Metros: Rambuteau or Hotel de Ville


danica 11:05 PM  

ahh, i want to go here! it's a shame that paris is so far away :(

Laura Peach 6:25 AM  

i already love it just from its outside! :)
btw, ill probably be in antwerp from next week so if you drop by, let me know!

Kelsi 1:25 PM  

nice! I'll be there on the 30th. Will you be there on the 30th?
We need to have a ridiculous night out which includes trips to both cafénation & kasa. Ok, that doesn't sound ridiculous at all, but we could make it ridiculous.

Laura Peach 4:32 AM  

it sounds amazingly ridiculous and im totally in... and i have to tell you that ill probably be there so LETS DO IT

Koko 5:10 AM  

ahhh I bought so many books there and had so many intense conversations with the owner. he'd been to helsinki and we shared the same taste in books so we had a lot to talk about.

miss you girl, hope the us is treating you well. will you be back in europe tho?

Kelsi 10:10 AM  

Yes! I remember you telling me about a bookshop, and a certain bookshop owner! Can't believe this was it!