Monday, July 12, 2010

Flat Fiesta

Just hangin' out, interrupting romantic moments.

Flats being so tiny in Paris, I mostly find myself celebrating in bars or by the river. But when a flat party presents itself, I'm all green lights. This one was a good one with good people, and unfortunately for my liver, lots of vodka. Damn you Addison for introducing me to Schwepps. A spoonfull of sugar helps the medecine go down, but a splash of Schwepps will have you pounding the hard stuff and licking your lips. Hours later I found myself holding down my insides in a taxi with a sweetheart driver who told me everything'd be ok. And it was. But I'll have to keep Shwepps and vodka away from each other next time.


Anonymous,  2:57 PM  

ah vodka, it makes and breaks you...

Make it Easy 11:43 PM  

thank you for visiting my blog! i appreciate it! i really do like your blog too! ahhh life in Paris. how it seems so nice. i love little flat parties. i went to Paris about 1.5 years ago. it was great. i wish i could have met up with friends or something and went out, but instead i was stuck in a tour group...but i did manage to sneak away at night and get drunk with this old russian lady. hahahah