Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Started "South of The Border, West of The Sun" last night.
So far I've read "Norwegian Wood" and "Sputnik Sweetheart". Each book is different, but still, something about Murakami's characters and the way he writes always calms me and makes me feel good about life in a way that nothing else does. I can't put my finger on why exactly. There's just a general calm and coolness there. Like drinking a glass of cold, cold milk.

Thanks again, Soph.


Coco Pastis 7:23 AM  

hey kels, i'm so happy you caught the murakami bug. :) how far are you in 'south of the border, west of the sun'? that's my alltime murakami favorite, time that i read it again.. love, Sophie x

Kelsi 7:34 AM  

Yes, you definitely passed the bug! I just wish my library had more ;)
I finished South of The Border, West of the Sun. Now I'm working on "After Dark".

After this one they mostly just have short stories, so I'll be needing to make a trip to Shakespeare & Co.