Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lets Kiss and Make up, Paris

My first few nights in Paris, I just went straight home, read a bit, took my laptop to Champs de Mars to use the free wi-fi (merci, jenny.) and was in bed by 11:30. I knew I would need my strength to deal with what Frances has described as "a problem child".
So finally, this weekend, I've gotten out, and taken a look around Paris.
My first trip to Paris was something like a disaster. It was March, and far colder than I'd expected; snowing, actully. A friend and I had left on the spur of the moment, for the weekend, without any real research as to what we'd like to do. And to top it off, I was low on cash, in the worst place to be low on cash. So, since then, I hadn't really given Paris the "best city in the world" review that everyone else seems to. At the time, it just seemed like another European city, but with more tourists than Disneyland.
But as I rode the bus around the city yesterday, and walked home through 3 districts, I realized. I hadn't seen anything. The city is as picturesque as Antwerp, and as shopable as London.
So I realized. I like it here.
I guess it's still a little early to make a really firm commitment to that opinion, but, so far so good.

So just a few days ago, I'd written about how nice it would be to stand at a crosswalk with Wes Anderson.
Well, yesterday, I was standing on a corner of Saint Germain de Prés, stuffing french fries into a McDonald's cheeseburger, when who should ride past but Wes Anderson!
He looked great, by the way. Very classy in a worn blue suit, leather loafers without socks, and just a hint of a moustache.

All right, that's all.


jenny 6:19 PM  

are you sure it was him and not a frenchman that looked like him!

Kathy 11:35 PM  

wes anderson is hot.

Kelsi 1:11 AM  

i am pretty definitely sure about this.
i examined a flickr gallery of wes anderson images, just to be sure.

and yes, wes anderson is totally hot.