Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Je Suis Ici

Yesterday I moved to Paris.

I live here now.
It's a funny feeling.
The light is very beautiful in Paris
I remember a line from "Sabrina".. She talks about La Vie en Rose, looking through rose colored glasses, and how, only in Paris where the light is pink does that line start to make sense.
To me, the light looks gold...champagne if I want to be romantic.
Anyway, it's really gorgeous.
The area I'm living in is old and elegant and lovely. Lanes of trees, and flower pots on wrought iron balconies.
On my walk to work, I pass Les Invalides. One street over, on my walk to the market, I'll pass the Eiffel Tower.
It's such a cliché that I can't help but think of it as the giant paperweight in the sky.

A new acquaintance told me that Wes Anderson has an apartment in the same district, which is kind of a nice thought. I'm not into approaching the famous, but I wouldn't mind standing next to him at a crosswalk sometime.

Yesterday, Frances, the family's current nanny (she's leaving Paris to be married), showed me all around the neighborhood. And damn, she was efficient. I saw 3 markets (including the location of the farmers' market), the optomitrist, the pharmisist, the butcher, the baker, 2 parks, the sports center, the bookshop, the videoshop, the hairdresser, and finally The American Library where I borrowed 3 books and a DVD on the wonderful family memebership

It's a good thing I've stocked up on literature, as since 8:50 this morning, I've been on a train which will not stop until 1:05pm. I'm going to pick up Adrien (my new charge) from his grandfather's on the French coast (Arcachon).

As the mom had dropped me off at the station she handed me my first class ticket and a 50euro note, "in case you two need a snack".
Oh, rich people.

Jesus, somebody's snoring a lot.
I just took a peek. It's a large, tan, bearded man in a leather vest.
He reminds me of the Italian puppet master in "Pinnochio".
Shush, pupetmaster.


jenny 6:16 PM  

im really happy you just referenced sabrina. I laid on the ground on the seine with someone and someone was playing la vie en rose and i thought of sabrina and how happy i was. im real happy you're there!

Kelsi 1:14 AM  

which version do you like better?
as much as i love audrey hepburn, i have to admit; i'm really into the 90's version.

jenny 9:28 AM  

i grew up on the 90s version !! its my favorite

Anonymous,  4:50 PM  

You lucky, lucky girl! Can't wait to hear more about your adventures. How can one not love Paris? Nobody answer that!!!