Thursday, May 28, 2009


Today a man in a black and brown pinstriped suit sat down next to me on the metro.
He smelled like chocolate chip cookies.
Now I smell them everywhere.
Haunting me.

Chocolate chip cookies just can't be made in europe. I've tried, and tried. And it's just never the same.

If you're in Europe and know how to do it, tell me quick.


Lydia 8:02 AM  

I don't know either :( In Seattle the cafetaria made the most delicious freshly baked chocolate chip cookies afternoon. But I haven't found a good source of cookies or cupcakes here in Belgium.

We may have to subsist on pain au chocolat instead.

Kelsi 8:37 AM  

The cookies at Panos aren't TOO bad.
But they're not even remotely comparable to Mrs. Fields.

jenny 9:08 AM  

my sister has this insane recipe for chocolate chip cookies. we're going to make some when i visit