Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's 16 past midnight.
My balcony door is open, as are my windows, letting in the hot, thick air.
Everyone in Wiesbaden is sitting on a car horn.
We beat Turkey.
Soccer, man, soccer.

I spent the weekend at a couchsurfers' camp on the Mosel river.
I found Trevor there. We'd met in Berlin Beach Camp.
He's staying here for a few nights.
Today we found the god of all snails. He could've wrapped himself around my foot!
Tonight Sarah and I tried to revive a dying baby Martin (very much like a ferret).
Tomorrow Trevor & I'll paint hitchhiking signs.
One will say "you drive. we sing." Maybe.
Friday we'll head off for a camp in Metz (France.
Should be good fun.
It's always a cheap weekend in a new place with new people.

I'm a little bit nervous about hitchhiking back alone. So cross your fingers for me. You're a pal.

(To be replaced by my) Photos of Metz