Sunday, July 06, 2008

Blank space to type into.
Reminds me of the empty suitcases waiting to be filled.

I fly back to the States the day after tomorrow.
So much to be done.

My head is sleepy.
My fingers are sleepy.
Man, even my toes are sleepy.

Standing in the middle of my room, looking around is just overwhelming.
Sort of.
I'm going back to the folks's house.
So really, I shouldn't worry too much.
There is security there. Anything which I leave here, I'll eventually be able to replace in California.

My second-hand shop pieces are being packed first.
Those just can't be replaced.

I've spent many minutes staring at the stack of well-loved books.
They're heavy little beauties.
I don't know if they'll make it.
Cross your fingers for them too.

Today was the second day of goodbyes.
I don't much care for goodbyes.
They just don't seem very organic. Going to visit someone, just to say goodbye.
Hellos for goodbyes.
Coffee for goodbyes.
Chocolates for goodbyes.
I'm only giving goodbyes to the people (this) close to me.
Sandra got one. She's been my lady in shining armor this year.
Nina the crazy bosnian housekeeper got one. She's been a laugh and a half.
Sarah, my soulmate/neighbor will get one. She's been my second skin & the truest friend I've ever met. I've never ever been so impressed by the depth of a friend's friendship. I once took the last train home from Frankfurt, but actually, it wasn't a train home. It was a train going the opposite direction of home. I was stranded in the rain in a teeny town two hours away. I called Sarah for advice. She called friends until she found a ride, and drove all the way to get me. That's just the beginning of what she's been for me. I don't know if I'll ever have a friend quite like her. I'll miss her, and miss her hard.

Mm. Alright. The void of the text box has been filled. If only suitcases could be filled as quickly.

Goodnight, friends.