Monday, June 23, 2008

It's 10:23pm, or 22:23, if you prefer, and I'm feeling pretty wiped.

Today was made unnecessarily troublesome because of one of these pesty, automatically-
locking-as-soon-as-it-shuts German doors.
The first time I discovered this
lockage device was around 5:30am one weekday morning, when I was still cutting through jetlag, and decided to have a coffee in the garden. It seemed only courteous to shut the door behind me, but boy, oh, boy. Sometimes courtesy just isn't worth the hassle.
That morning wasn't too bad. Clad in boxers and an oversized "Borrego" sweatshirt, I toughed out the morning air for not much more than an hour, sprinting across the yard and doing jumping jacks. Frank would tell me later that he just thought I was really fit.
Today was worse. Feeling smug for getting out the door 1/2 and hour early, I strutted out, bag in hand, and swung the door shut behind me. This is not routine, but then, neither is leaving 1/2 an hour early. Normally, the door is left open, while I, on the doorstop check my bag for my keys, which then go into my hand. Each time I do this, I sort of devote a little portion of my b
rain to working out what I would have to do, had I forgotten my keys and already shut the door. Usually it's not an easy fix. Well, it's no different when it actually happens.
One bag, no car key, no house key, no mobile. Not good.
Luckily I've got a Sarah next door who was able to power through her phone's contact list and find me a ride to the boys. Next problem was trying to get into the house once we had the boys. This involved two ladders, three balconies, and two girls in dresses. We didn't get in.
So we sat around, petting rabbits and eating popsicles until Sarah's mom brought home her car which we were able to drive to the house keeper's place to borrow a key.
The next hours were a mad dash to finish everything I'd planned to do with those extra 30 minutes. Really all I needed to do was pick up 8 items from the Asian aisle at Aldie (market), no problem, right?
No, no, friends, Problem after problem popped up, and it became hard not to laugh at my god damned horrible luck.

It's nearly 11, my room is kablam, and I'm just going to crash with a big glass of water and watch "Roman Holiday" in my underwear.


I didn't fill you in.
I might've found a way to stick around and make a few more memories.

I'll have to post in detail sometime this week.
I 'll get the definitive answer this
If I get lucky, you'll see a lot more photos from that neck of the woods.