Saturday, August 20, 2011

This is why I am on every dating site on the internet.

"Hi...For you only just for your smiling faces all through in your pics...Heart is the soul food to our being in this world,heart gives happiness when it founds its right partner,heart is more precious than diamonds,gold or any precious stone so as the heart of someone you love is priceless. from your eyes i can see how graceful you are, from your body i can i see how blessed you are, what more can a man want in a woman that will make him say he is blessed, truely you are the best thing life can ever offer. You are the angel of grace."

This message comes from a 5'6" Italian man, whom OkCupid tells me is a 9% match and 57% enemy, but it doesn't matter because I AM THE BEST THING LIFE CAN EVER OFFER.


marziotta 4:05 PM  

The guy sent me the same message. How can we both be the best thing life can ever offer?

And... I am Italian...