Sunday, June 19, 2011


Lazy Sunday at its finest. 6:35 PM and I've not stepped a foot outdoors. It's going to rain anyway. Or so I've been saying to the window all day.
I made a big pot of quality tea, and a sprawling lunch-time breakfast, and have been clicking through interesting documentaries. I'm in a documentary mood, but I want to watch about 7 of them all at once, so I sort of am. They're all open in their little tabs, and so at any given moment I can go from weird psychics to successful paparazzis of the 60's. I love info.

Let me know if you've got a good documentary recommendation for me. I feel like this day is going to repeat itself.

Also, there are two lovely bottles of wine here to share with anyone who'd like to bring me a bottle opener. I chucked mine by accident.

Some good documentaries:
Man on Wire, Religulous, Boomers, Louis Theroux-The Most Hated Family in America

On my to-watch list:
Paragraph 175, Bukowski at Bellevue, Smash His Camera, Whole, When You're Strange, The Parking Lot Movie, Trash Humpers, Cinemania


jul 1:07 AM  

Trash Humpers = not a doc!

Kelsi 11:18 AM  

Ah, you're right! Good call. I mis-read. The IMDB synopsis said "Follows the lives of a small group of sociopathic elderly people in Nashville, Tennessee.", and since it's home-video style filming I just assumed. My baaad.

Macleigh 3:13 PM  

Cinemania= amazing!
Also, try to find Home Movie. It's along the same lines. Super weird people. Super awesome.
Weather Underground.
Oh yeah, not a documentary, but have you watched Everything You Need To Know About Sex, But Were Afraid To Ask? I remember telling you about it awhile back, or something, but I don't think you had watched it yet. WATCH IT.

Anonymous,  10:05 PM  

I liked Radiant City. But maybe that's just me.