Monday, April 11, 2011


So right now, I'm in the Alps with the family I work for, and I've got about the worst cold I've ever had. Ever. I'm coughing up a storm, the damage to my throat has me sounding like a prepubescent frog, and about every 3 minutes my head starts to feel like a pressure cooker, and then I know it's time to empty my nose.
So I was sitting here, adding nice things to svpply, when it was tissue time. I found a discarded pack on the table and went for it. When I pulled the tissue away, it was like magic. All kinds of mint and eucalyptusy goodness was flowing through my nasal passages. I was beginning to think that maybe I'd had just a little too much mint tea when I noticed the tissue packaging: VAPOUR RELEASE. Boom. These are the best tissues ever. It's like Vicks meets Kleenex. ★★★★★