Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stockholm Spot V

Stumbled into a really hip shopping center in Sodermalm one afternoon. It had a really difficult name to pronounce, and was made up of 5 shops wrapped around a Café. I was crippled with hunger, so I grabbed a tasty grilled sandwhich. Mozarella, pesto, and tomato. You can pretty much put pesto on anything and I'm in.
This sandwhich experience made me decide that I'm definitely getting a sandwhich maker when I get to my next home.
I sipped raspberry lemonade and spied on drop dead gorgeous Swedish boys, then strolled around the amazing shops. I'm not a huge fashion guru, but I swoon for Swedish style. It's so clean and crisp, but somehow manages to be edgy as well. So much balance. Big fan.
Anyway, if you've got a few million dollars, this is a great place to drop some cash.
You'll look mega cool when you're done.

Götgatan 36 / Tube: Slussen / Stockholm