Friday, February 25, 2011

Procrastination, Episode 5906

I really want to go see my friends' gig which begins in 40 minutes, but I really don't want to finish this assignment I'm working on. So I've washed my dishes (that needs to be done, right?), made some din din, and ingested two bottles of good beer. I'm telling myself that the beer is necessary as well, as my friends are already out boozing and being jolly and whatnot, but actually, I still haven't dressed yet. Maybe I should do that before cracking open #3?
Maybe I should do the responsible thing and crack it open so that I can continue homeworking.

So friends, if I show up in mismatched socks and anything sparkly, blame it on my homework, and the 12 pack of Grimbergen which was on promotion at my local supermarché.