Tuesday, February 15, 2011

La Perle

Read this well; I am recommending La Perle by day. By night, it's a whole 'nother place.
By day you go to La Perle to sit in vinyl booths, and eat off a small, but classic menu. You'll eat large, tasty portions at moderate prices, and receive friendly service from fuzzy hipsters. Coffee or booze with a book is another popular option. I think the booth seating is my favorite bit. None of this hard stool nonsense for me. I want to sink my bum into my seat, and my teeth into my food.
At night you pretty much only wanna go here if you're dressed in your hippest duds, ready to judge and be judged. Elevator eyes all around.
You should also want to drink your booze standing on the sidewalk, because you're definitely not going to fit inside. Fitting inside, in my mind, is key here, because the decor makes you feel like you're dining in a Tarantino flick. Don't miss out on that!

So, daytime good, nighttime meh (Unless you're just out to score some serious hipster tush. In that case, raise your fist and shout "Eureka".)

Rue de la Perle /3eme/ Metro: St Paul (Line 1)


Macleigh 12:55 PM  

Your blog is becoming yelp on classy acid.

Kelsi 12:59 PM  

Classy acid, huh?
Does that make me super classy?
Or super spacey with a classy twist?