Friday, January 07, 2011

Camera 1

I was feeling lazy when I was packing for my holiday trip to Belgium, and for whatever reason, I consciously decided that it would be O.K. for me not to pack my camera charger.
I was wrong. I took one photo in Belgium, and then my camera decided it was hibernation time.
It's O.K. though. I picked up a few disposable cameras at Kruidvat, and it felt surprisingly freeing.
Instead of worrying about getting the light right, I could cross my fingers, and leave it all up to fate. Also, people can't complain about how bad they look in the photos. And they can't sneakily delete them when you go to the bathroom.
Win win win.


Laura Peach 9:18 AM  

um... i think im gonna copy that idea. i hate when people delete pictures from MY camera, changing the white balance everytime i go inside a bar and not appearing in any of the pictures. oh, and how i miss going to the shop to pick up the developed pictures!
they look niiiice, kelsi!

sunkentreasure 10:03 AM  

I love them Kelsi!
can't wait to see more