Saturday, November 06, 2010


I'm not sure what my horoscope says about this month, but it must be shady. November 'til now has been a series of unfortunate events. Don't worry, I'm not depressed or anything. There are good times sprinkled in with the bad. Like the above photo of a tipsy night of yatzee with Lauren, Rob & their visiting Brit, Rich. But when I'm not playing yatzee, I'm out of money, stepping in dog poo, having my internet shut off, constipated, ruining multiple soft boiled eggs, cursing my broken umbrella, or battling a pile of homework. Now I have to get off my computer because I have to spray for bed bugs.


Macleigh 12:56 PM  

why are they on your bed?!

Kelsi 11:48 PM  

they just pop up out of nowhere. mystic creatures. think i beat 'em with my magic sprays and vacuum.

Macleigh 9:20 AM  

I meant the people.

Kelsi 3:14 AM  

Oh, that's Lauren's bed. I guess we just thought it would be comfier than the floor?