Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dear Santa,

Nice things your friends might like if your friends remind you of me.

1.)Pretty, minimal bangles from I-forget-who. But they look good, right? 2.)Quirky, cool guide books with nice illustrations/photos. I've got my eye on the London edition. 3.)Taupey, neutraly nail colors that always seem to look nice on other people, that I haven't gotten 'round to buying for myself. 4.) My all time favorite magazine. I get much too much satisfaction from rubbing my palms all over the pages. Interesting articles, great photos, even the paper they print on is nice.


Rose,  11:39 PM  

Are the top things bracelets? Who makes them?

Macleigh 11:35 AM  

Now we're getting somewhere!

Kelsi 1:40 AM  

To be honest, I can't remember. I took a screen shot when I saw them, and forgot to mark down who made them. I did an intensive internet search, but I am coming up dry.
But yes, they are bracelets.