Friday, November 26, 2010


Haven't been back to Belgium since August.
Tonight at 8:25 I'll hop a Thalys train, and finally make my way back to that promised land of Beer and Boyfriend.
Needless to say, I'm pretty excited. My blood feels carbonated.
Maybe it's that 3rd cup of coffee I just finished. But maybe it's not. Maybe I'm just excited!


Laura Peach 7:13 AM  

have fun! and greetings to our lovely antwerp! :))

Rose,  11:13 AM  

Have fun!

steven,  3:24 AM  

hi - i just found this blog and have been looking at your photos and listening to your music for about a day straight, while getting to nairobi from dubai - and all i can say is: won't you take a lousy photo or listen to a dumb song or write a heartless sentence? it's just not nice.

Kelsi 12:13 PM  

excellent comment, steven. i like you already.