Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Solo Holiday

Nothing's beats finishing work 6 hours early.
Today was one of those rare and excellent days .
Got off at 1:30, and have been planning and packing for Portugal ever since.
Tomorrow I'll eat dinner in Lisbon. I hear they're big into octopus.
One slight hiccup. My travel pal just forwarded me an email. A sad one. Ryan Air was writing to inform her that due to air strikes, her flight's been canceled. God damn you, Ryan Air.
It's going to be a different kind of weekend than we planned. But I still think it's got potential. The upside to traveling alone is that I get to be ultimately selfish. No worrying what anyone else feels like doing. I am master and commander of this voyage; a Kelsi-centric holiday. So I'll take it easy. Do some reading, some walking, some photo snapping, a good deal of eating, see a movie or two, and hopefully find a pair of shoes somewhere along the way.


Laura Peach 3:08 PM  

i always wanted to travel alone! im sure you're gonna make it great.
have a very nice weekend! want to see lots of snaps :)

Kelsi 3:11 PM  

thanks for the confidence!
i made sure to book a hostel with free wi-fi, so snaps will be coming soon!

Sharon Lichtfeld 8:34 AM  

Hope you find some shoes, have a nice trip!