Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Waffle for the Road

Spent a perfect week in Antwerp before my big flight, soaking up much needed time with all my favorite Belgian things/people/places. Good good week.


Laura Peach 1:18 AM  

oh! i see some familiar places... :)
yesterday i went back to spend the day there and its always fantastic...
btw, it was a real pleasure to meet you and share a coffee/tea with you!

Kelsi 1:21 AM  

yeah, i had a great time!
made me wish we would've met outside capital that night! so much lost time!

Laura Peach 1:27 AM  

oooh! that would have been awesome!
you are in the us now, arent you? enjoy ittt!

Journal de jours 8:55 AM  

I was looking to this pictures and was thinking "Oh, that streets look the same as a street up here in Antwerp" and then I saw... that it is antwerp. Glad you liked it !