Sunday, July 18, 2010

9 hours in Bordeaux

Had the day off, so I hopped a train to Bordeaux. 40 minutes later I was in an old little city with lots of colorful doors, and gardenous balconies. I rented a bike, and roamed around the city snapping photos, and searching for a pineapple pizza. I didn't find my pizza, but I did find myself a plate of delicious red curry, and a glass of lemonade. Later I found myself in a colorful african neighborhood. I passed a few grocery stores. Three in a row had hair extensions lining the walls. Trippy. Tried to see a movie, but they were all dubbed into French. Nothing's worse than when the lips don't match the sound. So I found a cozy bar, and poured through Kundera's "Identity". Once I finished I met some nice Parisians, but then I took a look at my watch, and had to power walk back to the train station. Caught my train with 15 seconds to spare. Good thing I power walked.


Laura Peach 11:24 AM  

that curry really looks tasty!
did you like bordeaux?

sunkentreasure 12:30 AM  

oh Bordeaux is nice!! been there a few times. How wonderful it is, you just need to hop on that train and you're arrive in this beautiful city! hope you liked it!