Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I can't stop imagining stroopwafels and coffee. GET OUT OF MY HEAD, please.


Rose,  10:57 AM  

Out of your head and into my stomach!

Kelsi 12:33 AM  

I know, right?

Laura Peach 12:04 PM  

I better don't start eating them again!
Soooo tasty

Kelsi 12:06 PM  

just picked up a box today. the bio ones have honey instead of caramel, which is even tastier.

Laura Peach 1:43 PM  

WHY do you tell me THAT!

Kelsi 1:50 PM  

cause it's bio! that means it's totally good for you and you should eat as many as you can.

Laura Peach 1:57 PM  

because bio products dont fatten you up, improve your health and even give you superpowers!

Kelsi 1:58 PM  

that's what the box says anyway.