Sunday, June 13, 2010

At Ease

After Barcelona, I still had a free week to kill. So I did what I do best, and headed to Belgium. It's exam season, so everyone was cramming, but we still managed to fit in a few cafes, trips to the carnival, frozen pizzas and most importantly: Duvels.
Hanging around the library while friends rushed to write papers & read books made me realize how much I miss school. I even missed finals, somehow. Something about the deadlined pressure to cram your brain with knowledge. It's not very poetic. But there's something exciting about it. Do I actually miss stress? Maybe. My life's pretty kick-back lately. I know I'm working towards fluency in French. But I guess I want something bigger and more definitive as well. Something with a real time-line. I'm not quite sure how to go about making that happen. But it's nagging at me.
We'll see.


Laura Peach 12:15 PM  

I don't know how I got to your blog but I love it!
I studied in Antwerp last year and this post really made me happy... :)

Kelsi 2:36 PM  

Hey, thanks!
I checked out yours, too, really nice photos :)
If you're ever in Paris, let me know! Looks like we've got lots in common.

Laura Peach 11:53 PM  

Thaaaanks! But I really need to update it more often and change a few things... tumblr just drives me crazy sometimes. Yours is definitely better :)

Great! The same for you if you're ever in Amsterdam or even in Antwerp! I'll be there quite a lot this summer

Kelsi 2:56 AM  

Same, I've been trying out tumblr. But I can never make it do what I want. Oh well.

So funny, I was looking at your,and it turns out we're friends with two of the same people.
One, a Spanish guy I met in Antwerp (Miguel) & another girl who I once interviewed when I was in Germany (Lorraine).
Small small world!

I'm in Antwerp every few weekends, and I'll be there for the first week of August, so maybe we'll run into each other!

Laura Peach,  5:17 AM  

noooo! hahaha! miguel is a very good friend of mine! dont know! and lorraine iss working as an au pair (as I do) nearby my house... maybe that's how i ended on your blog? this is definitely a veeeery small world :)

i'll probably be in Antwerp by the end of July (about a week or so) but i'll go for some weekends in august for sure. would be nice to run into each other then!

Macleigh 9:00 PM  

i like jonathan.

Kelsi 1:53 PM  

he is pretty likeable.

sunkentreasure 5:21 AM  

I love these photos Kelsi! looks like a fun day. x

Kelsi 11:55 AM  

Thanks, sophie :)
Always a good time in Antwerp!