Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Last Weekend

Last weekend I had couchsurfer Sam staying at my place. We ended up having loads of common interests, and had a great weekend rolling around Paris.

Friday we saw Yeasayer, which was fantastic! Unfortunately our cameras were temporarily confiscated. Oh well.
The opening act: Hush Hush was ridiculous. And I have to say, I really enjoyed it. Imagine the tallest, skinniest white guy you know. Now add a long scruffy beard. Now add a suit. Now put him on an empty stage with an audio track and a mike. Make him dance and sing about all kinds of sex.
Super, right? Here's a visual.
"You and me could make such pretty babies, but all you're making is me crazy"

After the show we headed to Motel for some beers with the Swedes. I am pleased to announce that I have now found a bar with Belgian beers on tap! Yes, head out to Motel for your next alcoholic beverage. Actually, don't. That place is crowded enough.

Saturday we slept in, and eventually metro'd our way to the flea markets at Porte de Clingancourt.

Some genius at Ikea decided it would be a good idea to replace plastic metro seats with comfy Ikea couches. He was right. Very good idea.
Then we went home, ate some mac 'n cheese, and snuggled up to our respective computers to do some catching up with the internet.

We meant to go out, but with a strong internet connection, coffees, Milanos, Duvels, and the rain beating hard against the pavement, we couldn't really be bothered.
It's nicer to spend a night in, when you can erase the laziness guilt by pointing out that you've got company.
Sunday we wanted to sleep in, but my alarm kept that from happening. We had a picnic to enjoy. A surprise birthday picnic, no less. The ground was soggy from the previous night's downpour, so the surprise was moved to Becky's place in the 17th. A blanket covered her bed, and we covered the blanket with baguettes, cheese, pasta salad, cakes and an exotic olive topenade which no one actually tried.
It was a good time. Talk of nanny jobs, health care, visas, religion, music, celebrity sightings and future plans kept us busy for hours.

All in all, a very splendid couple of days.


Dieter 2:34 PM  

Your life is like a 21st century version of Fiesta: The sun also rises. :) Keep it up!

Kelsi 2:39 PM  

Haha, that might be idealizing it a little, but I'll take it!