Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Killing Time

I spend so much time on line, that lately, I find myself frustrated when friends aren't updating their blogs enough.
Like there's not enough on the internet to entertain me.
How sick is that?

It's not that I have no life.
I just have a whole lot of life to fill up.
So I've decided to make a to-do list.
A sort of daily basics.
Things I have to do every day.
This way, I fill up more of my time, and feel less bitter towards you for not updating your blog, and leaving me aimlessly clicking around the internet.

1. Read more print.
When I was in Germany I used to buy The Independent once a week, and take it to my favorite coffee shop. Going to start that up again.
I'm also going to need some literary recommendations. I went to the library today, and somehow couldn't find anything that I felt a whole lot of enthusiasm for.
I'm really finicky around books somehow. I'm very nervous about starting a book that I might not love. I don't know who to blame that on.
Anyway, I'm big into Bukowski, Murakami, Vonnegut, Kundera and Carver. If you've read anything super great lately, be sure to pass on the title.

2. Watch the news.
Basically this is a matter of replacing the batteries in my remote control.
They've been dead for months. Sometimes I pick up the remote, telling myself it's time to catch up on current events, and then I'm like "ah, too bad, remote's broken!".
No more, Kelsi! Change those batteries.

3. I'd say go running everyday, but come on. This is a realist's blog.

Ok, so those are my two daily basics. Read something everyday. Watch at least one news report. How hard can it be?

Still, maybe you should check in on me from time to time.
You know, hold me accountable.


Coco Pastis 2:45 AM  

i will update my blog more often, just for you.

i have the same problem though :( i'm just reading new blogs the whole time, i should read more again and yes.. do some sports

Kelsi 3:09 AM  

when i move to antwerp, we can have coffee dates where we just read. :)

Koko 2:48 PM  

I have 2 words for you: Siri Hustvedt.