Monday, March 29, 2010

A Meal and a Museum

Sunday afternoon we tried a new restaurant in the South of Antwerp; Patine. I really have to recommend it. The most amazing pumpkin soup I've ever tasted for 5 euro. It doesn't stop there! That amazing soup came with a basket of amazing, fluffy, freshly baked bread.

I couldn't help but spy around the place, taking peeks at the other dishes being passed around. Everything looked amazing.
They also had a case of gorgeous tartes and cakes, so even if you're not in the mood for a meal, stop by with a friend or book for coffee and cakes sometime.

After filling our bellies we strolled on over to Antwerp's Museum of Modern Art. Definitely the best museum experience I've had in a while. It had a great, clean layout, and a lot of subtle humor. Go for a low-pressure artistic experience.

Stones with names like "Dr. Santiago", "Boy" and "Ethyl".