Sunday, February 21, 2010


I'm at that point again. That point where you've just finished all the episodes of a great TV show, and just don't know what to do next. That happy part of my day, the completely un-guilty pleasure of sinking into my pillows with a big bowl of coffee and an unseen episode of Mad Men: that's gone. It's as if all my friends have gone on vacation, and won't be back until mid-summer 2010.

I don't know what to do! (Read a book, right? Don't worry. I'm doing that too.)

So this is your chance to use your pop cultural skills for good.

Shows I liked: The Office (to a point. i've stopped following), Weeds (same story), Freaks & Geeks (magic), How I Met Your Mother, Home Improvement, Quantum Leap.

Go, go. Give me something good.
Make me happy.


Sharon Lichtfeld 5:05 AM  

Scrubs (havent seen it for a while, but I liked it), Skins, my name is earl, corner gas, green wing, euhm thats it for now x

space 5:55 AM  

I second Skins (season 1 and 2) and My Name is Earl......

but my personal fave was Six Feet Under.

David 7:48 AM  

Okay, I am going to ignore the fact that you just suggested reading a book (what are you, a benedictine nun?), and give you some kick-ass entertainment suggestions:

The Office (watch it again, and keep watching, because it never stops rocking).
30 Rock, because it is really funny.
The Wire, because you absolutely must.
The Sopranos, because I can't believe you haven't.

Also: Time Team = British archaeology awesomeness!
Blue Planet and Planet Earth are both soothing and beautiful (if a little pompous).
And RuPaul's Amazing Drag Race, because it is everything that ANTM should be, but could never be!

Now, go!

Love, David

Macleigh 11:07 AM  

Two Fat Ladies. (a great british television show about two hilarious fat women who traverse the countryside and cook for people [lacrosse teams, restaurants, fishermen, etc.]!!!)

Seinfeld (I can't believe you left this one out! Watch all of the episodes again. You know you want to.)

Watch The Cove. Rent it, buy it, borrow it, download it; however you get it, watch it. For the kid who wanted to be a dolphin trainer.

Perhaps it's time for Documentary time...

Sharon Lichtfeld 11:38 AM  

Little Britain, absolutely fabulous, Twin Peaks (I havent seen it yet, but I heard its great)

Stephen Miller 11:59 AM  

I think you and I have similar tastes in TV shows. So here it goes:

Curb Your Enthusiasm. You pretty much don't have a choice in the matter.

Breaking Bad. It's like Weeds, but with Meth. It's not a comedy, but it's very enjoyable.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Like Weeds and HIMYM, it definitely goes downhill after Season 4. Still, watch. It's pretty great.

Rachel 1:25 PM  

i've been watching freaks and geeks again, too! And now I've officially watched all HIMYM episodes and what...??

Kelsi 4:22 AM  

wow, overwehlming!

I am now in the process of youtubing all of your suggestions, judging them based off 30 second previews.

Sharon- Thanks for reminding me of Twin Peaks, I've been meaning to watch that! I have to youtube Green Wing and Corner Gas. They're not ringing any bells.

David-I wasn't crazy about the episode of 30 rock that I saw, but because I so highly respect you and the other 4 friends who recommended it. I am giving it another go. Starting with the pilot!
I wikipedia'd time team and it looks super, and will make me feel totally intelligent.
I agree with you on Blue Planet. I've only seen it once, but it was after a joint, and needless to say, blew me away.

Mikala-I think I OD'd on Seinfeld. Remember that phase in high school when I ate a snickers a day, and one day just didn't like them at all? I think it was something like that. I have fond memories of Seinfeld. Just don't want to go down that road for a while.
The Cove. Is that the show about the australian mermaids?! I bumped into that. It's terrible. It's worse than a Mary Kate and Ashley show, but they're mermaids, so I'm glued.
Two Fat Ladies sounds appealing. Will investigate.

Stephen-I think you're dead on with Breaking Bad. I was looking at the Mad Men page on amazon. You know, that section about similar items. Breaking Bad was there. Also the trailer is ridiculous and exciting.
I'll have to check out Curb Your Enthusiasm. I've just never gotten around to it.

Rachel-Yes! Freaks and Geeks. It's the one show where I feel like I can somehow relate to every single character in some way. I didn't know what to do without Bill when I finished. So I just started over.
I hadn't thought of the HIMYM extras. Nice.

Also, has anyone seen "Hung"? I ran across it on Amazon, and it looks promising.
Male prostitution anyone?

Macleigh 7:15 AM  

No! The Cove is a documentary about dolphins in Taiji. There's this cove where a ton of japanese fishermen net in hundreds of bottlenose dolphins every day and drive them in with boats, and slaughter them right near the shore. Some 23,000 are killed every year now. And they're feeding the meat as "whale meat" to the japanese children's schools, but it's poisoned with mercury, and the kids......
really good. I was weeping at the end of it, and it had this message about "Here's how you can help...text this to this number..." and I whipped out my cell phone and now I've bought a shirt and a bumper sticker for my car. I'm obsessed.
AND it's all footage taken by the guy who trained the first dolphin for Flipper, and how he went away from it and such.
This is the longest comment I've ever left, but PLEASE watch it! I'm thinking about getting involved with the organization when I get back from Europe.