Saturday, January 23, 2010

Photo Update

Sophie's in town this weekend! She showed me a great little bar/restaurant I'd never been to in the Bastille; "La Fée Verte". I ordered the craziest salad. Potatoes, tomatoes, boiled egg, and a massive slice of camembert. No one fattens up a salad like the French.
Met Cherisse this morning at Tea & Tattered Books, a cute little used bookshop/teahouse not far from my place. I expected the shelves to be lined with classics, but bodice-ripper romance novels made it even better. A friendly orange cat with an asian name kept us company throughout our tea and cookie breakfast.
The street I work on. I love it when the sun hits the dome in the evening.
Waiting for the bus with Adrien. Even though he's grown up three blocks from the Eiffel tower, he never ceases to say "LOOK!" when it sparkles on the hour.
Mellow yellow breakfast.
Have I told you about how much I love colorful doors?
Aquafresh bicycle. Stylin'.
My bread & butter.


jonathan 3:41 PM  

pictures! :)

Rachel 4:11 PM  

beautiful pictures. i especially love the tearoom/bookstore window :D

Macleigh 9:37 PM  

that kid is my hero.

Coco Pastis 1:05 AM  

cool kels, really nice post :) take me to that nice tea & book place some day! xo