Saturday, January 09, 2010


Had a great lazy day, refusing to step out into negative the temperature for more than groceries.
Woke up with a hangover which I cured with an Advil, a bottle of Pellegrino, and rose-scented suds in a hot hot shower. Ran 20 steps to the courtyard market to stock up on ingredients for the family recipes my mom emailed me. Polynesian Chicken, you will be mine.
Caroline stopped by. We youtubed trailers, and nerdily exchanged the film content of our external hardrives. I got to listen to the fairy sounds of her Swedish conversation, while she used my Skype phone to call home. We shared a pita lunch while laughing at The Swedish Chef who shot bullets through moofins to make donuts. Then it was time for her to head out. "A lundi!"

Cleaned up, and spent the last hours researching. (i.e. finding loads of cool stuff on the internet).

It's been a good day.

Now I'm planning to shed my over-sized sweatshirt, and pull out some heels. Just meeting Emma for a movie, but days spent mostly inside somehow give me the inspiration/motivation to..make an effort ?

Here we go.