Friday, December 18, 2009


Jonathan just sent me this song, and I haven't stopped listening to it for the past 45 minutes.
I play it.
It ends.
I press play again.

I can't stop.
I love it so much. The voices, the bouncing beat. The laugh. I love it when they laugh.

When they speak, she sounds like Zoe Dechanel (3:30), and he, for a moment sounds like B.Dylan (2:10).

I feel like I'm riding on the back of a bandwagon, and it's sunny and warm, and there's dust all over.

"Well, hot and heavy pumpkin pie, chocolate candy, Jesus Christ, there aint nothin' please me more than you"


Macleigh 12:31 PM  

I've been listening to this since lucy's birthday get-together. They played them almost every other song. It's so catchy. You should watch it live. They're really cute onstage.

Kelsi 5:42 PM  

you saw them live?

jonathan 9:04 AM  

I really hope they tour europe soon.. This is just too good to miss out on:

Kathy Miranda 9:29 PM  

this is the jam in LB right now


Kelsi 1:03 AM  

haha, cool.
you guys always have good taste.