Tuesday, December 22, 2009

And Now

Back to all that Belgiumy goodness.

Stepping out of my boss's house a few hours ago, all the blood in my veins turned to excitement.
Nothing, nothing else lies between me and Belgium now.
Just that Thalys train, and it's the rope that will pull me back to the faces and places I like most.

I wasn't sure about Christmas this year. But Sophie stepped in and now it's a fete.
There will be food and booze, good people, and all my holiday cheer.
Excitement, excitement.

Jonathan has to study starting the 28th. So I'll leave him be, and do some "Kelsi things" in Antwerp.
It'll be great to be able to take it slow. Lately I've just had the weekends, and had to pack the goodness into 48 hours, and try to curb the stress of missed trains.
This time, I've got 10 days to stroll.
Museums will be visited. Books will be read.
(I stocked up today at the library. My "to read list" completely vanished from my head. So on sight I picked up Jonathan Safran Foer's second book, David Sedaris' "Holidays on Ice". I've also got a book I picked up at Shakespeare & Co; sort of a crash course on current affairs. I'll be arguing foreign policy in no time.)
Jonathan will download a pile of movies in obsessively high quality, and I will love him for it, and make him dinner in return.

I laid in bed this morning, snooze button under my finger, telling myself how great things would be in about 30 hours. And now I've returned to my flat with just 11 or so more hours to go.

go go go.

Let the vacation commence!