Saturday, October 10, 2009


-Wake up around 9?
-Start the coffee
-Check email over eggs&toast
-Market: pumpkin, apples, flour, brown sugar, tomatoes, chicken breast
-Drop groceries at home
-Café Mish Mash: French essay (describe the Café terrace in 20 lines)
-Walk home

-Cook lunch
-Eat/Watch "Weeds"
-Wonder if "Weeds" will stop getting worse.
-Stop babysitting
-Wander around the Marais
-Eat dinner at some point
-Coffee with Erich at some point
-Sleep by 10:30, please.

Good girl.


Stephen Miller 3:35 AM  

Weeds has been steadily declining since season 3 I'd say. With that said, the last few episodes of season 5 were definitely improvements.

Kelsi 3:36 AM  

I'm in the first few episodes of Season 5, and they're pretty miserable.
I'll stick it out 'til the end though.