Wednesday, October 14, 2009


1 silk scarf-1 euro

1 striped shirt-3 euro
1 oversized sweater-10 euro
1 red dress-10 euro
1 café creme-3.80 euro

1 hilarious new Swedish friend who collects ugly t-shirts, and old magazines, and has written (and sent) approximately 70 letters to Woody Allen - priceless

Today at approximately 11:42, I met Kaly.
Kaly is great. We are going to be good friends. I've got that feeling that I get when I make good friends.

She's funny and honest, and just really relaxing to be around.
She has interesting interests, but she also has really embarassing interests, which she's not actually embarassed about. She seems completely comfortable with herself. No need to impress.

She told me a story that I found so incredibly interesting.
She went to this really pretentious film school in Stockholm. She said that everyone there was in constant competition to be more obscure than the person next to them, but in the end, everyone was watching the same silent films and vintage Russian movies.
So she went into some kind of reverse psychology, and spent her weekends watching Twilight, and Mean Girls.

She's fully aware of the "not cool" reputation these movies have, but she doesn't seem to care.
She can tell you all about the best Russian flicks and Charlie Chaplin movies, but she's not afraid of enjoying something less sophisticated. And that's really really refreshing.

We spent the afternoon, in a great neighborhood "the Marais", hitting up thrift stores, talking about our respective jobs and countries. We passed a Jewish bakery (or four), and she told me about her love for the Hebrews. She seemed extremely pleased when I told her I was dating a Jew, and then told me that she's planning a "Bat-Mitzvah themed New Year's party". "I'm going to crush a glass and everything."

Once we'd stocked up on cheap frills, we found a cool little café/brasserie on a side street. It looked like a 70's diner. We ordered café cremes & talked about "Ghost World".
She told me about her great sounding group of friends here in Paris.
They're all here on their own, so once a week they have a "family dinner".
Sometimes they hang out at bars, but they usually end up going home in favor of red wine and "The Office"
Sounds like my kind of crowd.


Koko 6:39 AM  

I love, love, love your blog - you're a genius! I had so much fun last night! I really wanna meet this Swedish girl and can't seem to find 2nd hand shops on my own, so let me know if you're guys are available sometime soon.