Wednesday, October 21, 2009

American Enfants

I just found some quotes in my journal from the American kids that I babysat a few weeks ago.

The boy was one of the most adorable creatures I have ever encountered.

1.) "My Dad's a surfer.
He's a really good surfer.
But he's not on Tv.
Most surfers aren't on Tv.
Just the famous ones with the awesome moves."

2.)"My dad's pretty old. He's almost 40."
"Oh yeah, so heeee's 38?"
"No; 30. But his birthday's comin' up."


"[sigh] it's okay though, he'll never die."
"Really?? Why's that?"
"Our Dad's god."

The way he said this did not indicate that he was making a reference to his "Heavenly Father", but rather that he was stating that his father is some kind of titan.
Which is so much better.


Macleigh 7:26 AM  

Oh, Americans!
I can't wait to babysit Elijah and Kaiah again (and little baby Noah)!