Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Via My Sister


Macleigh 6:42 AM  

Have you watched the entire film?
It's called "Everything you want to know about sex.* (*But were afraid to ask)"

Kelsi 10:18 PM  

Tried to.
I rented it once in high school, but Pop returned it.

mcarpenter 10:34 PM  

Pop and I had a movie night, and I picked it up in Hollywood Video.
He walked past, paused, and said, "Ohhh, have you ever seen this movie? Oh, it's a classssic! We're watching this. Let's go."
He fell asleep instantly, but I quite enjoyed watching Gene Wilder fondle sheep.
"A giant, menacing tit is roaming the countryside."

Kelsi 11:14 PM  

Why does everything that went wrong in my high school years go exactly right for you?