Friday, September 25, 2009

To Go

I am eating scrambled eggs, drinking pear tea, and looking at photos of places I'd like to be.
Of course, I like where I am, but when I get a spare minute, I'd like to see someplace I've never been.
It's tough because the more you travel, the more places there are that you'd like to re-visit.
But if I keep re-visiting I'll never see everything.
So, for now I'm here, petit dejeunering and compiling my list of new places to be.

Plitvice Lakes (Croatia)

Good thing we're still young.


stankugo 5:35 AM  

hey .. i found your blog via, actually pretty funny.

i live in south of germany near lake of constance (which should be on your list as well).

i work in zurich, so i am commuting every day! it's not far away.

you should come over and visit! i know a lot people living here, and there, and there, .. and there will always be a couch free for guests :)


Kelsi 5:44 AM  

Ah, funny. Yes, I am big into

That's a very friendly offer Stephan, thanks.
Do you also have a blog?
Your profile's private, so if you do, I can't see it via your screen name.