Friday, June 19, 2009

Please Sir, I'd Like Some More (to do)

I'm feeling a bit stranded, just at the moment.
But it's a feeling that comes and goes.
I really feel like I have nothing to do right now.

I took the last exam for my French course on Wednesday, so there's no homework.
I found out that my membership at the gym was a special nanny membership, so actually I'm not allowed to be there without the kids. Stupid.
I've responded to every email.
Posted snail mail to my pen pal last week.
The laundry machine isn't turning on for whatever reason, so that's out.
I already made my bed.

What can I do
What can I do

I should:
-go running at Cinqueantaire.
-come home tired, and read on the couch, or even better; in the garden.
I've got this great book: Master and Margarita. Well, I mean, I can tell that
it's going to be great. I just need to get past the first few chapters, and get
-pack for Antwerp tonight.

Ok, I guess that would feel pretty good.
I just feel so sluggish.

But this weekend will be more occupied.
I love the weekends here.

We'll go to Antwerp tonight. Go see Steven/Maarten's show. Then maybe go for drinks.
Saturday morning, or afternoon (depending on the drinks) will undoubtedly involve bicycles and Le Pain Quotidien.

Ah shit.
Look what I just found.


Anyway, then Saturday afternoon will be the trainride back to Brussels, watching "How I Met Your Mother".

Then babysitting for some Brits. Should be fun. The kids are all 9+, so that's always really easy going.

Then meeting up with Jonathan, Maarten and Steven for the 25 years of Bota party.
Botanique is gorgeous, and the main venue for shows in Brussels. So Saturday should be Legen-wait for it-dary! Legendary!

Perfect, I've officially cured my boredom.
I've got things to do, and the weekend just 7 hours away.

Web 5!


spacetiger 1:32 AM  

The first few chapters of Master & Margarita are definitely slow, for whatever reason. We could both read it and have a 2-person book club.. ha!

Kelsi 3:24 AM  

Haha, you're reading it too?
Awesome, let's do it.