Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April's Fool

2 mishaps in one month.
My bad luck's on a roll.

First, some jerk stole my boss's bike (which I'd borrowed).
Then, yesterday, driving home with the kids from a haircut, I ran smack into someone coming from the right.
In the US the main road has priority.
Noooot in Belgium. Here, anyone coming from the right has priority, even if it's a side street.
The biggest issue, is that there are bushes blocking you from seeing this particular side street.
So by the time I saw that someone was coming, and began to brake, it was too late.
It was a French woman in Chanel glasses, and her two kids.
They were sweet and said not to worry, and that this can happen.
The husband of the woman came, and he was also kind. Iris and Leo were patient, and Iris asked why car accidents were dangerous.
The police came, and an old woman living in a nearby house brought the kids juiceboxes.
Other white-haired ladies peered down onto the street through lace curtains.
We waited for Kimon.
I thought about the fact that if I'd gone to the bathroom at the salon, instead of waiting to go at home, I would've passed that street a minute later, long after the woman and her children had driven through.
I wondered if something worse could've happened if this accident hadn't stopped me.
I guess I can't know.

Kimon wasn't mad. He said he hates that law, that it's dangerous, and seemed to understand how it could've happened.

We're faxing the insurance papers today.
I'm not sure how this is going to work out.
Kimon said that they have partial insurance. Meaning that because the accident is my fault, our insurance will pay for the damage to their car, but not ours.
Luckily, our car received fairly little damage.
The hood was pushed back a bit, and there is a crack in something plastic on the front of the car.
I'm not sure.

We'll wait and see how things go.

For now I'm off to pick up the kids.
Lunch, and then maybe the swimming pool.
Water sounds good.