Thursday, March 26, 2009

Girl Talk

Gregg Gillis seems like a nice guy. He threw confetti, he threw toilet paper, he danced into the audience, and even invited the audience to dance onstage.

This seemed like a friendly gesture, I liked him for it.

But after a few minutes, I realized that I did not want to watch the lamest people at the show dance their hearts out.
And when I say lame, it isn't from any kind of snobby standpoint. By lame, I mean enthusiastically annoying. These were the 15 year old boys who had bought matching Girl Talk TShirts at the merch table, and pumped "rock on signs" through the entire show. They stood next to Mr. Gillis, patting him on the back, and hugging him frequently. They shouted at the audience as if they were part of the show.
It was distracting.
I did not digg it.

If you could crop out all the faces surrounding him, and focus on the auditory element,
Girl Talk himself, put on a great show.

I wish my camera hadn't died four minutes into it.


wouter,  5:54 AM  

just my thoughts!
but still, great show!

Kelsi 11:56 AM  

you were there too?

what did you think of that opening soundbyte? so cool.

wouter,  7:59 AM  

indeed, but I didn't hear the start. When I arrived, it was already playing...

Actually, it was the second time I've seen girl talk, my first time was at Pukkelpop this summer, and wow, that was good! :)