Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back in America.

Strange, strange.

It's been ages, but I'll update anyway.

The flight was lovely. Wonderful food, and not a bad seat at all.
Leaving my best pal Sarah at the gate was the hardest part.
The short, plump woman behind me in the line was nice enough to offer a pack of tissues. She said she had lots.

After a bit of confusion Sean picked me up in the customs terminal in Las Vegas.
We'd never met before that, so it was a surreal and wonderful moment of hugging and laughter.
Vegas was hot as blazes.
We checked into the hotel, and then wandered the streets for sustenance. Mexican food. Mexican food was the goal, and it was met wonderfully. We found a great hole-in-the wall taco shop and I filled my belly with much missed steak tacos.
We picked up a pack of Corona's, and I was disappointed to remember that it is not American custom to drink beer on the street. German custom is to drink beer everywhere, including the workplace.
The next day we tackled the long drive home, and I spotted a blue teddy bear on a moving truck..

Yikes. Time for class.
Oh man, my schedule is just...blown.
So scrambled.
But now I'm off to French 2, instead of French 1 as I'd thought I was signed up for.

Oh Kelsi, get your shit together.