Sunday, June 04, 2006

Well Hello Again,

It's been a while. But I am back. I said I would be...I paused because I was on the verge of informing you of my reliable nature, unfortunately this is not 100% consistently true. I work towards the day when I can, guilt free, declare reliability.

Today I sat in the car, windows down, driving home from cardiff. The traffic was moderate. On days like these, I enjoy traffic. Traffic is a supreme opportunity for people gazing (I don't care to inject the word "watching" into this phrase, as it reminds me of time, and people gazing should be conducted without a thought towards the passing of time.)and as I was a passenger, I had the pleasure of people gazing without any resposibility to distract me. I enjoy profiling the people I see. I sometimes name them and predict their personalities, where they're headed etcetera. It's also fun to look at allll the different faces. Our faces have two eyebrows, two eyes (complete with lids and lashes), a nose and mouth (these are merely the distinct features of course). But how many ways they can be arranged. Caterpillar eyebrows over bulbous green eyes which sandwich an extensive nose, followed by a tight pair of pale lips. Or are the eyebrows rich, elegant and arching? Everyday I see loads of new combinations, ones I've never seen nor imagined.
Anyhow, I saw several new faces, each of which I took the liberty of assuming the life story of. I reccomend this occupation on your next quiet outing, it is sure to be a plesant one.

And now I end, merely because I am enjoying the taste of the thoughts I have shared and would not wish to change flavors before I sleep.
I will end the day with these.
Most Sincerely,