Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hmmm. First post yet. Fresh. Nothing said to regret.

It's really too bad that I have nothing signifigant to write about. I just felt pity for my poor naked blog, and decided to clothe it to decency.
I'm really only using this blog for my American Lit class. The teacher keeps a blog where we can post questions and commentary on the current novel. My teacher is an interesting guy. I'd tell you his name, only you might be a creepy stocker and decide to track him down. Anyway, he quotes an average of 7 media..lines (these include television shows, movies, songs and books) per day, most of which are "Family Guy". Recently he's begun to follow his quotes, which are interjected into conversation at points making them at least slightly relevant, with the source. He cites them in the deep rushed voice that sales people use at the end of banking commercials "member FDIC"...anyhow...I'm rapidly approaching writer's block and feel that to end this now would leave my blog either topless or bottomless..I'm not sure which is worse, or if that's even bad at all. Perhaps my blog is a nudist and I just haven't realized it. If that is the case, I must be very inconsiderate indeed. Now it can't even feel the breeze.

Well, I shall stop now.

Au revoir,


Mr. Waterhouse 7:42 AM  

That's hilarious!